Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from genomic healthcare – where genomic data and research are translated rapidly into clinical interpretations, insights, and actions – driving better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

We are a platform company: Our mission is to evolve and scale our services and products to enable genomic healthcare and research.

We think of this as an infinity loop, where progress in one area drives improved performance in the other.

Making this work as an efficient and scalable system will help:

  • Patients, as we enable dialogues on consent, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
  • Healthcare teams, as we provide reliable genomic insights that are easy to request and interpret
  • Researchers, as we accelerate research by providing data, infrastructure, insights and environment to collaborate and accelerate fundamental and translational research

Our core activities include:

Evolving genomic healthcare

We deliver the enabling systems, analytics and insights to help healthcare teams achieve better clinical outcomes: earlier and more precise diagnoses; more effective and cost-efficient treatment of diseases; and potentially lifestyle interventions.

Accelerating genomic research

We provide a trusted Research Environment that delights researchers in academia, the NHS and industry, providing comprehensive national datasets and services to investigate, collaborate, publish and take action on insights.

We aim to be:

  • a national scale bioinformatics lab
  • a trusted custodian of genomic data
  • an enabler and accelerator of research
  • a key facilitator in the transition to participatory, personalised, predictive and preventative health